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大家好! Hello, everyone. Welcome to “c-ulzzangs,” a blog dedicated specifically to Chinese ulzzangs, 非主流 (fei zhu liu/FZL), net idols, models, and celebrities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them - I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. (note: all ORIGINAL pictures belong to their respective owners; please DO NOT repost / edit any of the pictures uploaded because I have already edited them myself; if you wish to edit a picture, please ask me and I will give you the original picture if I still have it). You may also submit pictures with credited sources. Well, I hope you enjoy what you see on this blog. See you again soon~ 再见! ♥♥♥
Anonymous asked: 你是不是香港人?会说广东话,对不对?


Anonymous asked: could you tell who's the name of a girl on your profile picture, please?

Well the girl in my display picture is Wang Wei Ying and the girl in my blog above my description is Chen Xiao Bao :)

Anonymous asked: I'd die to know which app/solfware/website do Asian Ulzzangs use to edit their photos? It's look soft, natural,... Just wonderful.

A lot of popular apps include: meitu, snapee, rakuga cute, camera360, and beautyplus. 

Anonymous asked: 你是中国人吗?

我是中國人, 但我住在美國。

Anonymous asked: Hi do you know how do they edit their pictures? Like do they increase saturation or something to make their pictures more colorful?

I don’t really know the specifics on how various pictures are edited, but a lot of the time it is with set filters which brightens the photo, lightens the skin and highlights the reds in the photo.

Anonymous asked: Why do these asians have big eyes

lol there are lots of different possibilities.

could be makeup/eyeliner, circle lens, surgery, photoshop, or they just have naturally big eyes.

And its kind of a subjective thought :p


Anonymous asked: 你好

你好! :)